Hajimemashite minna!!

Hajimemashite minna~~
Some of you might wonder why I made a new intro post. Well, my old intro post was sort of... "hacked". A user left a comment on the entry and I can't read it nor delete it. So, I figure I'll just make a new one then^^

Well, as you can see, this journal is....

Meaning, I won't lock up my fics, mp3, news, graphics, and most of my fanworks. I'll only lock up some personal stuff (rants, meme, etc). So, you don't have to add me just to see my fanworks. It's totally free to see^^

My fanworks usually contain JE artists (mostly KinKi Kids lately, Arashi sometimes, but also others on some ocassions^^). I'm also a big fan of Ayaka and Busted :) Uhmm... and I also like AAA.

Anyway, I love making new friends. So do add me and/or comment somewhere in this journal :)
If you want me to add you back, please introduce yourself here^^

Well, thanks for visiting my journal. Enjoy~

Fic Directory

Yoroshiku minna~ I decided to make a directory for my fic, since the list is getting longer. Hehehe~ Anyway, douzo~

Meitantei Kame - Who Tried to Kill Jin

Meitantei Kame - Who Tried to Kill Koki?

Fans Attack - Koki Version

Fans Attack - YamaPi Version

One Missed Call?!

Save The Cheerleader, Save The World?!

Haunted Mansion

Trust (Finished)
[Chapter 1]  [Chapter 2]  [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7] [Chapter 8] [SP]

The Sweetest Gift (Finished)
[Chapter 1]  [Chapter 2]  [Follow up -- Another Sweet Gift]

Helper (Ongoing)
[Chapter 1 - The Beginning]
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Ringtones List + Request here!!!

Hey again! Because I posted many ringtones already, I decided to make a list! This is to make it easier for you if you're searching for any RTs. And one more thing, if you want to request, please request here. It's ok if you want to request on the RT page instead, but if you request here it will be easier for me to check and I wont forget >.< Sorry i have a bad memory T__T

Anyway, douzo~

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Ouroboros Drama Review

Tadaima minna san~! I just finished watching Ouroboros yesterday, and because it was outrageously not what I expected it to be (in a good way), I decided to write a review :P Review's under the cut (Spoiler alert!).

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Note: I'm watching Tensai Tantei Mitarai next, but can any of you recommend what drama to watch next? Thanks ^-^


Follow My Tumblr ^-^

Hi guys, long time no see!! :D

Since a lot of people have decided to move on to tumblr, I decided to try as well.
I'm planning to keep posting here in LJ, but maybe a little bit more on tumblr (esp the graphics). Honestly, I don't know if any of you are still active here in LJ, that's why I decided to move to tumblr. But if you are still active here, please do comment below ^-^ You know how much I love reading comments from you guys!

So, please kindly follow my tumblr, I'll definitely follow you back! Have a nice day! :)

New Website ^-^

Hi guys~ How r y'all? Sorry I haven't been updating lately. University life has been really hectic lately *sigh*
Anyway, as a part of my university project, I made a personal website~! In case you're wondering, I'm taking Informatics and Multimedia major, that explains why there is a web technology subject ^o^
What's the content about? Well, the content mainly is about my study in university, and some graphic (photoshop) and video-making (after effect) tutorials.
Here's the link (Click on the pic!)

It's called house of iD. For those KinKi fans out there, I'm sure you know where I got the name from :P.
If you guessed that KinKi Kids I album, you're 100% right~! I was actually inspired by their iD concept, and I expanded it as IT and Design. Hehehe~

Although now I have an 'official' website, my LJ will still be active like usual. My LJ is my fangirling world, my personal website is my university project (and maybe if one day I have the courage to share all my fanworks there) ^_^

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Stop by my website when you have time! Enjoy ^-^ As always, your comments are ♥♥♥
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In Memoriam, Leslie Cheung

Today marks the 8th year since the day that Leslie jumped off of a building. It was shocking to everyone around the world, at that time. Until today, every 1st of April people still go to that hotel he jumped off and drop flowers, remembering him. Actually, I wanted to go there as well, but well... no money... T_T But, here's a little message I wrote about him.

It's been 8 years since you passed, but you still leave a strong presence in my heart. Thinking about that fateful day, I came to think about something. It's funny how you chose April Fools' Day as your date of death. Is it your last joke? Or do you just want to be taken seriously and chose that as a sarcasm? I'll never know.
You are one of the greatest performer I've ever known my whole life. No matter what happens, it will always remains the same.
I still wonder why you chose death as your exit way. If only I could do something to change that, I would. But, you've took tha step, you've made a decision, and there's nothing I can do right now but to remember you, just the way you were.
You may be gone in real life, but you'll always live forever in my heart.
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KinKi Kids Piano Score

Hi guys~~ Been a long time since my last entry...
National exam is near, so i have to study and that means less time to open my laptop T_T
Anyway, here's the piano sheet for Boku wa Omou and To Heart, as requested by miyukixrinn . Enjoy^^
Boku wa Omou
To Heart

Update: Here is Flower, as requested by la_vegas

PS: You can use it and share it as you like but don't claim them as your own as it took me time to scan them.
If you like the sheets, please buy the book to support KinKi Kids as well ^-^